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Suzue Industrial Co., Ltd.

Established: December 18, 1952

Established in 1954, Suzue Industrial Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing hubs since 1952. The first hubs we made were iron and since we have developed light alloy hubs, hubs for track-race and KEIRIN, and most recently carbon hubs. We have amassed great technological expertise with our tremendous manufacturing experiences. Our products have been met with universal acclaim in markets around the world. With a keen and attentive eye on the market, Suzue is able to respond with products precisely meeting customer requirements.

Timeline of Suzue Industrial Co., Ltd.

1952: Began establishing iron hubs
1972: Began manufacturing light alloy hubs
1978 Began manufacturing BMX hubs for Shimano
1981: Began manufacturing light alloy shielding bearing hubs
1985: Began manufacturing hubs for wheelchairs
1984: Production of Joe Breeze's Hite Rite begins at Suzue
1990: Production peaked at 1.8 million sets of hubs
1996: Began manufacturing hubs for track-race and KEIRIN
2001: Began developing carbon hubs for cross-country and downhill
2002: Began manufacturing the above items
2005: Began Developing the Classica Series of hubs
2007: Began manufacturing the above items
2008: Began Developing the Classica Series of hubs for Freewheels
2009: Began Developing the Classica Series of Disc Hubs
2010: Began Developing wheels systems with Hoshi and Ukai